AUTHOR/ The Journey of the Stone Man

Stone Man Press edition, 2016
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"A story about transcendence. There actually is something of a big bang, but it really is more about listening to the whimpers that make up a person's life and define their relationships."
  - L. Bernabo, Amazon Reviewer, 2004 - 5 stars.

The "prequel" to The Pearls of the Stone Man. In this touching novel, we continue the story of the main character, Joseph Marino, that so captivated readers in "The Pearls of the Stone Man". Part of a trilogy, the second novel, "The Journey of the Stone Man", transports the reader to a time and place in the middle of Joseph's life.

Back tracking to a setting 25 years prior to that of his first novel, we are introduced to the middle of Joseph's life - along with the age old struggle between father and son trying to understand each other. Using the setting of a cross-country road trip, this book spins a tale of a father (Joseph) and his teenage son (Paul) while traveling the country in a "Woody" station wagon. The sensitive writing and attention to detail reveal timeless family dynamics pertinent to all families.

Re-released in 2016 via my imprint, Stone Man Press.

Link to the first book: "The Pearls of the Stone Man":

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