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"The Pearls of the Stone Man" soon a movie!
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Saturdays in spring bring a flood of humanity to Pine Mountain. Some travelers return to repair and re-open long shuttered weekend cabins, and some come to witness the final gasps of snow on the slopes of the noble rock. Still others come to find their past--seeking answers for today’s questions in the mysteries of long ago. Questions are what plague the couple who reside in small house that rests at the base of the wooded mountain.

Joseph and Anne Marino are one of those rare couples who are very much in love—after 53 years of marriage. After having years to conquer the world, share fears and tears, they face the inevitable truth that awaits us all--life must end. When these soulmates are faced with months instead of years, Joseph’s number one priority becomes finishing the stone wall that Anne requested years ago—a special reminder from her childhood. Needing the help of someone younger, Joseph turns to his son, estranged for five years, in hopes of rebuilding a severed relationship as well as the wall. In a twist of events, two teenagers also come to Joseph’s aid, and he to theirs.

In our modern world where so much of life is based on quick decisions and short-term gratification, The Pearls of the Stone Man takes us beyond generation gaps, stone walls and everlasting love to the very essence of humanity that unites us all.
“A riveting and complex novel...poignant and highly recommended. 5 stars.”
- Midwest Book Review
"A powerful portrayal of life as it exists today."
-National Education Association

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